Jewish & Israeli Music



Academic Channel, The

This site features academic programming from the major universities in Israel.


All For Peace Radio

The Palestinian organization Biladi-The Jerusalem Times and the Israeli organization The Jewish-Arab Centre for Peace, Givat Haviva, are partners in the youth magazine Crossing Borders and maintain a long-standing, egalitarian working relationship. Together, this Palestinian-Israeli radio station broadcasts in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.


America's Voices in Israel

This website provides broadcasters, commentators, journalists, and media personalities with firsthand accounts of Israeli society, culture, and geography in order to generate informed public discourse about the country and the region.


Arutz Sheva - Israel National TV

Arutz Sheva, based in Israel , is a site that offers a very rich variety of programming in English, Hebrew, French and Russian – including news, discussion, music, and Torah.  Video and radio daily news reports are among the very best available in English.  Music programming is substantial and worth exploring.


Arutz Sheva - Juke Box

Arutz Sheva's Jukebox is a unique source of a vast amount of wonderful, non-commerical music.  For music lovers, this is a "must hear".


Arutz Sheva - Programs

Arutz Sheva, based in Israel , is a site that offers a very rich variety of programming in English, Hebrew, French and Russian – including news, discussion, music, and Torah.  Video and radio daily news reports are among the very best available in English.  Music programming is substantial and worth exploring.


Awake, Alive & Jewish - WTOP Radio

Broadcast every Sunday morning for almost 25 years, “Awake, Alive and Jewish” is a unique blend of joyous music, interviews, educational features, Israeli news, and irreverent banter between the hosts designed to appeal to young families and the larger community.


Big J Radio

JLTV's sister radio station—JLTV features news and sports, movies, music videos, documentaries, magazine programs, shows for children and young adults, comedy and more.


Breslov Radio

למרות שאיש לא האמין, ואף אחד לא נתן הרבה תקוות, זה היה נראה חלום ורוד אך לא מעבר… אך למרות הכל זה קרה! חבורה של חסידי ברסלב, ובראשם הרב אהוד שדה, החליטו להקים תחנת רדיו, שתיקרא "רדיו ברסלב", שתשדר את דיבוריו, תורותיו, ומשנתו של רבי נחמן מברסלב בשידור חי לאלפי מאזינים מידי יום.


Chagigah 88.9FM Emerson College

Tune in and celebrate! Chagigah brings you the best in Jewish and Israeli culture. A show that transcends any language barrier, Chagigah embraces classic Yiddish and klezmer music dating from 1914 to today. The music style becomes more contemporary as the show moves into traditional Israeli folk and the latest in Israeli rock. It's worth waking up for!


Charney Report

The program is an unrehearsed and informed discussion of current events; it is one of, if not the, best Jewish talk shows in existence today.  Leon Charney is a prominent lawyer, author, and former adviser to President Jimmy Carter, who described Mr. Charney as the "unsung hero" of the Camp David Accords.


Forward Hour ("Forverts")

In Yiddish, the weekly radio magazine of the Forward newspaper broadcasts every Saturday evening at 9 pm, WWCA 570 AM, in New York and New Jersey.


From IL

Radio and TV from Israel; uncensored.


Gal Galatz - IDF Radio, second channel

The hipper radio station of the Israel Defense Forces.


Galei Tzahal (the IDF radio station)

The radio station of the Israel Defense Forces.


Galey Israel

An Israeli/American webcasting station!


Guilt and Pleasure - Lopate Interview

Guilt & Pleasure is a new quarterly dealing with Jewish culture. Editor-in-chief Mireille Silcoff and contributor Gary Shteyngart tell us about the magazine's mission and preview the contents of the first issue (from "cowboys and farmers named Horovitz" to "Hasids vs. Brooklyn hipsters"). From The Leonard Lopate Show, December 22, 2005.


Hagalil.Com and

In German, this is the largest Jewish website in Europe with a wide selection of music links. It provides news about Jewish life in Germany, Europe, and information about Israel and the Middle East. The site includes pages on Judaism, Hebrew, Yiddish, and special topics for children. In recent years they have had to concentrate more on political work and education against antisemitism and neonazism on the Internet.


Hungarian Jewish Radio - Radio Zs

Radio Zs is the first Hungarian language Jewish community radio which has been broadcasting its pilot program on the Internet since October 2003. Radio Zs is an unprecedented new non-profit, self-organized and organic media. They  have listeners all over the world; several hundreds of people listen to their programs every day.


International Shalom Radio From Poland

Radio Szalom from Poland transmits Jewish and Israeli music - lovely!


Israel Hour

An excellent, weekly one hour radio show from central New Jersey focusing exclusively on contemporary Israeli music. Live, Sundays at 1 pm; programs are archived for later listening.


Israel News Live TV INFOLIVE.TV 24/7 is Israel's first news television channel in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Arabic) broadcasting live on the Internet. produces a comprehensive daily live news bulletin that includes debates, editorials, interview, and reports.


Israel Radio - English Radio News

English radio news.


Israel Radio - English TV News

English TV news.


Israel Radio - Reshet Gimmel

The "all" Hebrew music channel.


Israel Radio (Kol Israel)

These are the official radio and TV stations of the State of Israel. Broadcasts are in English, Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages. English language programs contain the latest news items and reports from Israel and the Middle East, as well as major international stories and issues relating to the Jewish communities of the Diaspora.



IsraTV offers a fine range of innovative programming. Its mission is to be the most dynamic source of Israeli information for those outside the State of Israel. It contains videos on politics, high-tech industry, the Holy land, religion, tourism, culture, humor, music, society, and more – in different languages including Hebrew and English.



Welcome to, the first video news update from Israel in English sent directly to your email on a daily basis. This short, to-the-point, balanced update is brought to you by Israel’s leading television news source, Channel 2 News.


Jewish Life TV

JLTV is a 24/7 Jewish television channel serving all 50 states.  JLTV features news and sports, movies, music videos, documentaries, magazine programs, shows for children and young adults, comedy and more.


Jewish Museum – National Jewish Archive Of Broadcasting

The National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting is a valued component of the Jewish Museum of New York's permanent collection, and it is the largest and most comprehensive body of broadcast materials on 20th-century Jewish culture in the U.S.


Jewish Music Videos Playlist -1

Jewish Music Videos Playlist #1 from on YouTube (26 music videos)


Jewish World Radio

Jewish World Radio, a Jewish Orthodox station and joint venture of Sephardim and Ashkenazim Jews, is located in Orlando, Florida. It features the best of Judaism, its music, its unique Torah teachings, kabala, news, and much more. In English, Spanish, and Hebrew.



Traditional Jewish music. This station is broadcast over live365, an Internet multi-channel webcasting service.



JTN was founded in 1981 as an independent, not-for-profit, production, distribution, and broadcasting company, the only producer and distributor of Jewish television in the United States. Its programming reflects the richness and diversity of Jewish traditions and experience through children’s shows, network quality news, and documentaries, as well as arts and entertainment.


JM In The AM (aka Jewish Moments In The Morning)

Jewish Moments in the Morning with Nachum Segal, 6 am- 9 am and archived. The station offers three hours of music, talk, and information geared toward the Jewish community of New York and New Jersey. It is a long running program of excellent quality.


Judaiques FM

En mai 1981, naît le projet d'une radio destinée a la communauté juive.  Octobre 1981  1ère émission de Judaiques FM grâce à un capital collecté auprès de 25 participants.  Ces derniers ont pour objectifs de créer une radio ouverte aux divers courants de la communauté.  Elle conserve aujourd'hui ses objectifs de départ.  Le pluralisme d'expression, une ouverture sur la société, un ancrage à gauche en France, un soutien pour la paix au Proche Orient, ainsi que la diffusion des cultures juives.


Keshet TV

Israeli TV programming on a variety of subjects, from current events to entertainment. In Hebrew.


Knesset Television

This is the TV station of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).  It webcasts live  Knesset and committee meetings as well as other programs.  In Hebrew.


Kodesh channel

A Charedi channel from Jerusalem. This site is a collection of outstanding Torah and music programs that defies easy categorization - just take a look! In Hebrew and English.


Kol Cambridge

Kol Cambridge is the UK's only radio show dedicated to Israeli and Jewish music. Launched in 2005, it has quickly become CUR 1350's most popular program.


Kol Ha Lev

Radio Kol Halev is the only radio station with a variety of shows on a range of subjects and where diverse styles of Jewish-Israeli music are played. Everyone is welcome to participate in our programs, ask to hear a special song, say hello to family and friends, suggest topics for discussion, win prizes, look for work, meet people, or meet that special someone.


Kol Hacampus

“The Campus Voice”, FM 106.0 Tel Aviv, is the radio station of the "School of Media" at "The College of Management - Academic studies", associated to the “Voice of Israel” educational Radio. Serving as DJs and hosts at the station are media student.   “Campus Voice” is identified as a clear alternative to mainstream Israeli radio.


La Radio Juive de Grenoble online

RADIO KOL HACHALOM (the Voice of Peace, in Hebrew) is the Jewish radio station broadcasting since 1983 around Grenoble, France - the city of the 1968 Winter Olympic Games. It promotes Judaism and information about Israel and the Middle East. In French.


Light of the Nations

The Temple Institute's new online television Torah study series, Light to the Nations, featuring Rabbi Chaim Richman, is webcast weekly that addresses a wide variety of subjects.


Mt. Scopus Radio

The station is operated by students from many departments of the University and broadcasts at 9 pm every evening. It offers music, information, and interviews aimed particularly at the student community.


Nachum Segal Show

The Nachum Segal show brings out the essence of Jewish life. The show features the latest and greatest in Jewish music and interviews with the people that shape our lives. It also features in-depth reports on Jewish organizations and their activities throughout the world.


Nusach Maven

Two Internet radio stations with exclusively Jewish music 24/7 on Nusachmaven is exclusively nusach, the liturgy of our people, featuring famous and not so famous cantors from around the world. Nusachmaven2 plays a wide variety of Jewish music 24/7.


Online Jewish Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - WJEW LIVE!

WJEW is the meeting ground of Jewish innovation. We are broadcasting live out of Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan with the best new Jewish music, along with interviews with some of the most influential Jews in the world. Check us out. We are WJEW - The Jew! WJEW is run by the students of Temple Israel.


Radio 102FM

Radio Tel Aviv 102FM began broadcasting in 1996 to an area encompassing two million people (from Chedera in the North to Gedera in the South).  The programming is Progressive Rock.


Radio Ariel 106FM

Good news radio from Israel! Plus news articles about the city of Ariel, Israel, in existence since 1978.


Radio Emtza Haderech 90fm

Very western, rock oriented radio station from Israel. In Hebrew.


Radio FM 103

Hip, sophisticated, Tel Aviv radio with a music format.


Radio Free Klezmer

The next wave of Jewish klezmer music!


Radio Israel

A subscription service, at this site you will find Radio Israel’s Israeli show, live Israeli radio broadcasts directly from Israel, and much more.


Radio Jai

Radio Jai, based in Buenos Aires, is a unique Spanish-language enterprise that was founded in 1992, a few months after the attack against the embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires. It has three daily news correspondents from Israel, as well as constant journalistic presence in each place where facts are generated.  Radio Jai also discusses art, books, and other topics that help form a bridge between different Spanish-speaking countries.


Radio Moshiach And Redemption

Radio Moshiach & Redemption operates for the purpose of preparing the world for the coming of the Moshiach. "The time of your redemption has arrived," stated the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The “Multimedia” link on the site provides for your enjoyment and education various audio and video programming.


Radio Sefarad

Radio Sefarad es una emisión de la Federación de Comunidades Israelitas de España, patrocinada por donantes privados de todo tipo. Sus contenidos están dirigidos a la audiencia española e hispanohablante con la finalidad esencial de divulgar los valores éticos, culturales y científicos del judaísmo a través de su historia y desarrollo actual. Un especial acento merece la defensa de las diversas comunidades judías de los ataques antisemitas, que han adquirido especial virulencia en estos días con la coartada del anti-israelismo militante.


Radio Shalom - La Voix de la Paix

Jewish radio from France.


Radio Shalom Canada

Radio Shalom Canada broadcasts in English, French, Hebrew, and in all languages that the Jews of Montreal understand and speak. It is an independent, non-profit organization, with no affiliations to any political parties or communal organizations.



In Hebrew.


RadioBreslev.Com broadcasts a wide variety of continuous music and programs to all Jewish communities - connecting east to west - with Israeli, Middle Eastern, Hasidic, rock, reggae, and instrumental music. is a new online Jewish radio station being webcast from Cleveland.  It offers  an eclectic mix of primarily Jewish-themed programming.



Music for your soul – gentle, soulful, and jazzy.


Raid on the Reactor

A revealing 45-minute video documentary from the Military Channel of the events leading to and after Israel's confidential military mission  "June 1981 - Eight fighter jets are spotted in the skies of Baghdad in one of the most potent military surprises of all time.  ...This is a story of one of the most daring and most dangerous operations ever attempted; this is the story of Israel's 'Raid on the Reactor'."


RCJ 94.8 FM - La Radio de la Communauté Juive

RCJ est née en 1981, au moment de l’éclosion des radios dites « libres », créée par le Fonds Social Juif Unifié, organisme central dans les domaines de la solidarité et de l’identité de la communauté juive.  Dès sa création, elle s’est posée pour objectif d’être une sorte de « service public » pour tous ceux qui se reconnaissent dans le judaïsme français et souhaitent s’identifier à lui dans une démarche de rayonnement et d’ouverture.


Shalom TV

Shalom TV is an American Jewish Television Network on Comcast "On Demand" in selected regions.  It offers hours of entertaining and educational programs and a sampling of these  programs can be seen on  Click “View Program Highlights” on the home page. Jewish streaming music LIVE!, where users can request a Jewish song, is a site maintained by Hershey Chitrik and affiliated with the Shmais (Lubavitcher) news service.


Talkline Communications Network

One of America’s leading Jewish radio and television sources since 1981, “Talkline” features Zev Brenner, Dov Hikind, Art Raymond, Melissa Kleiner, Country Yossi, and Phil Blazer.


The Shtick

The Shtick is a weekly television program showcasing the Australian Jewish Community, broadcast on the Melbourne and Geelong community station, Channel 31, and available on YouTube. The Shtick is a showcase of spontaneous, improvised Jewish entertainment television, produced hot and fresh every week.


The World and Us

From Melbourne, Australia, "The World and Us” is a one hour program that since September 2010 has been broadcast weekly (with a repeat on Sundays)  [except on JewishHolidays] by the Melbourne Jewish Radio Station Lion FM.  Lion FM  Melbourne Jewish Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 [recorded music only on Shabbat & festivals] on FM locally to Melbourne since September 2010, and is live on the Internet at  http// .  "The World and Us" is located at http//


Western Wall Camera

View a live picture of the Wall.  The picture is updated every minute of every day.


WFM Internet Radio

The most popular Internet radio station for youth in Israel. Good music and interesting talking while surfing the web, and you can even watch the show's hosts by our cameras, located in the studio. Lots of good music, and lots of fun!


Yiddish Voice

WUNR 1600 AM in Brookline, Massachusetts is a Yiddish-language radio show serving Boston 's Yiddish-speaking community. Yiddish voice Internet audio service includes pre-recorded interviews and songs in Yiddish.


Yidish Music

YiddishMusic WebRadio, an online Brazilian radio, plays different kinds of Jewish music—from Yiddish to Russian, Ladino, and Hebrew, and from instrumental to liturgic, modern, and traditional—24 hours a day. In English and Portuguese.


Zelda Show - with Zelda Young

The Zelda Show is filled with Jewish news, commentary, and entertainment. It airs in Toronto, Monday to Friday mornings from 9 am to 10 am, and on Sunday from 8 am to 10 am, in association with CHIN, the largest multicultural radio station in Canada.